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Our Services

Threading :

Threading is one of the best method of make eyebrows perfect shape and facial hair removal. Its remove all of the finest extra hair from roots. Its better then wax, twising or plucking and less sour. its never pull of your skin and never broken your hair. that's a reason after threading you feel more soft, clean and glow skin. we use organic thread for your facial hair removal without extra cost. we usually provide our clients different services. such as : 

1)    Eyebrows

2)    Upper lip

3)    Chin

4)    Neck

5)    Forehead

6)    Side face

7)    Full face

8)    Hand and finger.

HDA Eyebrows (Highly Define Arch Eyebrows) :

    Highly Define Arch (HDA) eyebrows means your perfect eyebrows. Our professional team will observe and discuss with you about your eyebrows condition. After then we will mark your eyebrows different point and draw your eyebrows whats ever you want to make your dream eyebrows. Now a days most of the celebrities want to make their eyebrows high arch define shape. For make your highly define arch shape we follow couple of stapes. such as:

discussion for your perfect shape

point out your eyebrows

draw your dream eyebrows

remove extra hair by threading and make shape

trimming for make similar

Apply tint for darker

apply twiziing and pencil if necessary.



          Tint is color for make eyebrows and eyelashes more define. Its like as hair color but its specially make for eyebrows and eyelashes color. some people's eyebrows and eyelashes light and fair color. Tint make very natural dark color with suit their face and hair color. Tint is not only make dark your eyebrows, its fill-up your patch and gape and make all hair color is same, even and look more natural. No bother for pencil or powder use everyday. its stay longer 2-3 weeks. After apply tint your eyebrows will be more better and fuller. For eyebrows we do light brown, brown, dark brown, gray and black. And eyelashes we use brown, black and blue-black.

Caution : After age of 18 anybody can use tint but If any body have any allergic reaction for before any other treatment or hair color you need to go for patch-test before use tint.


Eyelash Extension :

Individual Extension (cluster-one) : Its make your eyelashes more thicker, longer and darker but look like more natural like as your own eyelashes. its     2 days to 2 week longer. depend on your care and your skin sensitivity. You can go for full set extension or corner as well.


Sam i-permanant Eyelash Extension:

Individual Extension (single-one) : Its make your eyelashes more thicker, longer and darker but look like more natural like as your own eyelashes. its     3-4 week longer. depend on your care and your skin sensitivity. You can go for full set extension or corner as well.


Indian Facial :

                Facial is very important for all lady after age 20. its clean your face from deep layer, remove your dead skin and dark sports. After massage your skin increase you blood circulation and glow your skin. For facial we have 4 step. such as:

cleansing : its make clean face,

scarbing: its make deep clean your face,

Mostariging Massage : its remove dark and dead skin and increasing blood circulation.

Face-pack: its give relax your skin and increase glow.

         For facial we use 100% natural. pure, organic and best quality ingredients, which revitalize and re-energies from Head- to-Toe. All facial take40 t0 50 mins.

         As a variety of skin type we provide our clients different types facial, such as :

1)  Auyr-bedic and Herbal

2) Fruit

3) Gold

4) Diamond

5) Chocolate

6) Pearl

7) Silver

8) Bridal.


Massage :

Indian Relaxing Head Massage with herbal oil :

                   For Indian head massage we use very special natural and herbal oil. This massage have 7 steps and its very relaxing, remove all tress, pressure, headache, neck-pain.Its not only massage your head, its also included neck and shoulder. its take 20 to 25 mins.


Back & shoulder Massage :

             After long days work everybody feel very tired and pain in back. Our back & shoulder massage can relieve you from that pain, give you more relax, comfort and make ready for next day work, Fir this massage we use herbal oil and its take  20 t0 30 mins.

Hand & Toe Massage :

         We make busy all the time our hand and feet for every-days work. so massage is very important for proper blood circulation, more soft surface, comfort and painless feet. for this we use herbal oil or massage cream.

Swedish Massage :

       its included you scalp, neck and shoulder. its very relaxing and remove all tress and pain. for thus massage we use herbal oil.


Henna Tattoos :


Its traditional art for body decoration without needle and sour. With Henna you can make any design in your hand, part of body and feet. Basically Asian, Egypt and some middle-east countries people use henna tattoos  occasionally, Asian lady use it in their hand, arm and feet for weeding programme. its smell very lovely. Applying time its color nice dark green and after dry this color come in lovely dark brown.

Our Services

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