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Moni And Meena open their Indian Threading And Beauty Bar for serve Beauty services to their lovely clients more professional & safety way. They believe that Eyebrows is very important part of beautiful face And Eyebrows shape is not only remove of  couple of hair, actually it the art of beauty. Eyebrows is the main frame of face. If anybodies Eyebrows shape is perfect, automatically its open her eyes  more beautiful way. For make that perfect shape, Threading is the best way.  For make lovely & perfect eyebrows shape need creativity, proper training and long experience.


Rajena Akter Moni : Director Of Indian Threading and Beauty Bar II

Moni had finished BSc and MSc of Clothing and Textile (fashion designing) from under Dhaka University. As a part of her study it was necessary to think all the time upcoming fashion and enhance traditional style for beauty. creative thinking was her every moments partner. For her own design she try to bridge her dream and think with old historical, traditional, nature, color, architect. She studied East and West ancient and modern fashion. She have sound of knowledge  how world's women want to represent them-self.

It was her passion to learn whats she like. sometimes she learned something like as play, She loves all the time Creative people and their creativity. If she look anybody doing any beautiful things, she try to learn it, either it dress-making, painting, stitching, cooking, beauty or handy-crafts. When she was class II student one day she went first time for her eyebrows shape with her friend's. She was surprised to seen it how beautician lady making eyebrows nice shape with thread. For her creative nature When she come back home she try to practice this. But that moment making thread lope it was very difficult for her. but she didn't stop her trying, day by day she can make eyebrows shape. Her friends, family and cousin's was her that times regular clients. After HSC exam when she was free she went her Aunty's home and their she learned Threading, facial and other beauty services professional way. She start doing it professionally from her home. She liked to do it because she love to make women's more beautiful.

when She moved UK she feel sad to see here women's lots their nice eyebrows for waxing and twisizing, She had learned some more course related eyebrows and eyelashes and she start work one brow bar in Uk. Her own style of make nice and perfect eyebrows arch shape and  friendly behave  make her very popular. But She want to give her clients more better services with comfortable prices and more healthy way, She want to more study and research to repair lost eyebrows, want to perfect and appropriate shape which suit with their face.  From this thinking she opened her own Indian Threading And Beauty Bar.

Now a days Moni is very popular name in Northern Ireland for her  eyebrows shape. Her clients come from south (Republic Ireland) as well only for her perfect shape. Her clients loves her very much for her nice and lovely behave. they explain this way '' Only Moni do threading without sour and her shape is wonderful''.


Meena Kumar :

About Us

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