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What’s and why Eyebrow Threading?

If threading widely used in Asia and Middle East, Even salons in western countries are widely offering eyebrow threading services to their clients now. In current situation, the popularity of threading has sky rocketed and many celebraties are using threading as a method of eyebrow hair removal.

The main benefits of threading is that the results are known to last longer until three to four weeks because it does not irritate the skin and putting toner over the area you threaded helps close the pores left open from the hair removal. Sometimes it’s longer than five to six weeks because its remove here from root area and its remove all tiny fair hair also. It is not expensive and we do not use any chemicals at all. Eyebrow threading can be bit painful than tweezing but it is not as painful as waxing. Day by day its reduce your facial hair growth and its make eyebrows perfect shape without damage in skin.





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